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Vintage Halloween Crafts You Can Make At Home

Vintage Halloween Crafts You Can Make At HomeVintage Halloween Crafts


Halloween is coming up and there are lots of creative ways you can decorate for the season with spooky vintage Halloween crafts that will match your home decor and create a creepy and fun atmosphere that the kids will enjoy!


Creepy Vintage Tin Can Jack-o-Lantern


To make a creepy vintage Halloween Tin Can Jack-o-Lantern here are the things you will need:


  • metal can

  • sandpaper

  • pliers

  • tin snips

  • faux treatment paint

  • candle

  • orange paint

  • gel wood stain


1. Remove labels and any glue residue from the can and smooth out any sharp edges with a pieces of sandpaper or fold the sharp edge in with a pair of pliers.


2. Using the metal snips cut the face of the Jack-o-lantern


3. Next, use the faux rusting treatment to paint the exterior of that can to make it look very weathered and old. The other option is to paint the can orange and then apply gel wood stain to achieve the aged look.


4. Put a candle inside and set on your front porch. You can also create a spooky Halloween display by creating several of these vintage tin can Jack-o-Lanterns and stacking them.


Spooky Vintage Halloween Tree


Create a spooky Halloween tree and decorate it with your creepiest Halloween characters and vintage Halloween greeting cards!


Here is what you will need to create and decorate your tree:


  • old planter

  • newspaper

  • garden soil

  • tree branches

  • black spray paint

  • ribbon or twine

  • acrylic paint & brushes

  • vintage greeting cards


1. Go in the yard and collect a bunch of old, dead tree branches and a plastic planter. Lay out newspaper and spray paint everything black and allow to dry.


2. Fill the planter with soil and place the branches into the dirt so they stand upright.


3. Take the ornaments and paint vintage patterns on half of them - stripes and polka dots are the easiest. On the rest of the ornaments, paint spook characters - witches, ghouls, scarecrows, jack-o-lanterns and goblins.


4. Gather your collection of vintage greeting cards together and punch a hole in the corner to attach your ribbon or twine.


5. Hang your ornaments and vintage greeting cards on your vintage Halloween tree and enjoy!


Haunted Vintage Halloween Mirror


If you have a large mirror with an ornate frame, you can turn it into a fantastic haunted vintage Halloween mirror to make your hallways even creepier.


You will need:


  • a large framed mirror

  • cling wrap

  • black spray paint (chalkboard spray paint works too!)

  • newspaper

  • sharp knife

  • card stock

  • spray adhesive

  • cotton swabs


1. Apply cling wrap to the surface of your mirror and cut off the excess using a sharp knife. If the sheets aren't big enough, use more than one. The wrinkles will just add to the old mirror texture.


2. Tape newspaper over the cling wrap surface and spray paint the frame in your choice of Halloween colors - black, silver, white or grey are good choices.


3. While the frame is drying, create a stencil from heavy card stock. The silhouette of a bat works well.


4. Remove the newspaper from the surface of the mirror. Apply a light coating of spray adhesive to the back of your bat stencil to hold it in place and then spray with flat black spray paint. Using flat paint will add to the aged effect and create a hazy look to the glass. Chalkboard spray paint works very well.

Once you have sprayed each stencil, remove and wipe away any drips with a moist cotton ball.


5. To make the mirror look even more patchy and old, lightly over spray and allow the paint to drip.


6. When Halloween is over, you can simply remove the cling wrap and repaint your mirror frame!

Halloween is a great time of year to do crafts with the kids and add some extra vintage flair to your home and yard in the process.


Happy Halloween!!!




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