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Add Vintage Flair to Your Wardrobe

Add vintage flair to your wardrobe with the following tips from Stylish Vintage Living give some great ideas on how to expand your high end style to your clothing.

Vintage Paisley Scarf

Whether you want to dress in vintage style everyday, or you just want to dress up for a special occasion, finding a balance between vintage and modern is the key.


Choose one item to focus on - it can either be your favorite vintage piece or a contemporary basic. If you choose a vintage focal point, then you can tastefully accessorize with modern jewelry in a variety of neutral shapes and colors. If your focal point is more modern, then do the opposite with your accessories and use vintage style accessories to accent your outfit.


Often times, individuals who want to express their vintage flair every day, will choose to stock their closets with modern basics and then expand their vintage collection of accessory items to create various vintage expressions.


Vintage dressing doesn't need to be expensive if you keep an eye out for charming accessories while you shop. You can add character and depth by adding ruffles, lace and ribbons. Create a distinctive look with bead bracelets, vintage patterned scarves and fabulous vintage hats.


Wearing vintage with style can be a lot of fun and suited to any occasion, any budget and any individual. The key is to maintain a balanced look with a proper mix of modern and vintage basics and accessories. Have fun!


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